Together for a #PeriodFriendlyWorld

Period Party inspirations

A Period Party is a great format for a Menstrual Hygiene Day event. It engages your audience in a fun and light way while pushing back period stigma.

It's a party with a purpose!

The Period Party can be in person or online. It can stand alone or follow a main event for mingling. Now, let's explore creative ideas to enhance your Period Party!

Period Party pictures wanted!

Share your Period Party!

Remember to post about your period party on social media! Share pictures or a video showing the highlights of your party! Let's show the world that periods are nothing to hide. And that fun and humour are great ways to push back the stigma.

Be sure to use the hashtags #MHDay2024 and #PeriodFriendlyWorld. We invite you to share your event with the MH Day International Secretariat so that we can include it in the MH Day 2024 Impact Report. Just send us 1-2 pictures and a short text about your party.

Period Party decorations

Check out these exciting MHH-themed decorations you can download:

Garland with MHH illustrations: Simply print the triangles, cut them out, glue them to a thin rope, and hang them up.

Hold-ups: These are perfect for photos! Print the circles with icons and glue them to a wooden or plastic straw. There you go - all set for the photo booth. They also work great as decoration when you stick them in flowerpots or on the wall..

Buttons or stickers: Create buttons or stickers with the files from the MH Day logo, the hold-ups or other MHH illustrations. You can pin them on your clothes or bag. You can even make printable tattoos. Get creative with a local printer, or cut the illustrations out yourself.

Picture frame: Use the picture frame for photo ops. It is available for printing in real size or virtual use.

Backdrop or banner: Ideal for the main stage or photo opportunities.

Posters: Display them at your venue or around town to promote your event. You can customise the design and message in Canva.

And don't forget to decorate with red balloons, tablecloths, and flowers to set the mood.

Filter in the campaign materials database for "Period Party decoration".

Are you having an event online? Ask your participants to change their virtual background to a red colour or share the backdrop file with them ahead of the event.

Period-themed event inspirations

Dress Code: Red

Attendees are encouraged to wear a piece of clothing in shades of red. This could be a red dress, suit, tie, socks, accessories, or a red flower in your hair. Or maybe even a full outfit.


Want to engage your participants in a fun way? Here are some suggestions:  

Period Quiz: Test participants' knowledge of everything about the menstrual cycle and periods. Feel free to add your question or adjust it depending on the expertise of your audience.

Period Playlist: Wonder what music to play? Check out the Period Playlist with songs about menstruation and gender equality. You can access it on YouTube. Find that a song is missing? Feel free to add it!

(Please check your country's music licensing rules for playing songs at private or public events first.)

The Period Dance: Let's Dance Together! Make your audience move and groove with the Period Dance. Anyone can join in with just a few easy steps, no dance skills needed. Check out the video and get moving with Ina, your International MH Day Coordinator and dance instructor.

Red-coloured food and drinks: Offer red-themed food and drinks to complement the theme. Choose your favourite red local food and drinks. Here are some inspirations.

  • Food ideas: Muhammara, chakalaka, red curry, tomato salad, tomato sauce with spaghetti
  • Dessert ideas: red velvet cupcakes, strawberry cake, watermelons, local red fruits
  • Drinks: tomato juice, cherry juice, watermelon juice, hibiscus iced tea. And if your audience is of adult age and fancy some alcohol:  Bloody Mary, Strawberry Margarita, red wine

Other ideas for activities

Of course, you can always do more and add other elements. Let your creativity flow!

  • Invite speakers to share their insights and success stories towards a #PeriodFriendlyWorld
  • Photoshoot of your team wearing the Menstruation Bracelet
  • Crafting activities: craft your own Menstruation Bracelets, colour-in printouts, craft glitter pads & tampons, DIY pads, ...
  • Exhibition of menstrual products, educational materials, or others

By implementing these activities, you can host an engaging period-themed party full of fun!