The MH Day Ambassadors Network

The MH Day Ambassadors Network is a community of creators and influencers dedicated to a vital mission. Together, they drive global awareness and action.  They bust the stigma surrounding menstruation. Lend your influence to empower change and help push back taboos and stigma!

The MH Day Ambassador Network 2024

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Can I become an MH Day Ambassador?

The MH Day Ambassadors Network brings together different types of influencers and creators. From micro- to mega-influencers, within the field of menstruation or outside of it. But they have one thing in common: they want to use their voice to contribute to a #PeriodFriendlyWorld.
Are you an influencer or creator with more than 10K followers and interested in using your influence for good? Send us some info about you and your relevant social media accounts (along with the number of followers) and become part of the MH Day Ambassadors for 2025.
Please note that this is a non-commercial initiative. MH Day cannot pay sponsorship fees.

What does an MH Day Ambassador do?

MH Day Ambassadors actively speak out against menstruation stigma on Menstrual Hygiene Day. They participate in a launch webinar, where they get introduced to the theme and visual assets. Being MH Day Ambassadors, they commit to including these in their publications. By this, they set an example for others. They champion a cause that truly counts. Lend your voice and spark change!

How MH Day returns the favor

As an MH Day Ambassador your participation is highlighted on the MH Day website and in the MH Day impact report. Your publications get shared across the MH Day channels and gain additional reach. You get equipped with powerful visuals and resources for crafting impactful posts. Before MH Day, you are invited to attend an activation webinar exclusive to MH Day Ambassadors. Connect with other Ambassadors and make a difference together.