MH Day Supporters

MH Day Supporters are the ones who make Menstrual Hygiene Day possible. They provide the International Secretariat of MH Day with financial resources and are the driving forces for change at a global scale. They are the champions behind the movement and enjoy special benefits.

Driving change globally

MH Day Supporters

A massive shout-out to our supporters - the champions behind the MH Day movement. They drive progress towards a #PeriodFriendlyWorld globally, and their financial support makes MH Day possible for everyone! A special "thank you" goes to our main supporters, P&G/Always and Kimberly-Clark/Kotex.

Core Supporters

UN agencies, governments + multilateral organisations

Philanthropic partners

Global NGOs + networks

Corporate partners

Pro bono + low bono partners

Becoming an MH Day Supporter

Become a driving force for change!

MH Day Supporters make a huge difference by powering the Menstrual Hygiene Day movement. They enjoy special benefits and support from the International Secretariat of MH Day. Are you interested in becoming an MH Day Supporter?

Early and exclusive access to materials

Be the first to access the annual visual materials as a Supporter. While they are usually available for everyone around mid-April, Supporters get a head start. This gives you more time to prepare your campaign and consider the messaging. Plus, we can cater to customisation requests. An extra bonus is a pack of the physical Menstruation Bracelets delivered to your doorstep.

Individual consulting and exchange

Supporters get access to exclusive activation webinars. These sessions offer a unique chance to align your team and access insider knowledge. They are tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, supporters are in touch directly with the MH Day secretariat for internal coordination and insights.


As a supporter, you gain extra visibility through the MH Day channels. When the MH Day has a stage, we will hold a spot for you. And you can hold one for MH Day. Highlight your commitment where it fits your agenda.