The theme for MH Day 2024

Together for a


In a #PeriodFriendlyWorld, the stigma and taboo surrounding menstruation are history.
It is a world where everyone can access the products, education and infrastructure they need.
From all over the world, we stand, we work, we fight together for a #PeriodFriendlyWorld.

What is your vision of a #PeriodFriendlyWorld?

How to use #PeriodFriendlyWorld

The hashtag #PeriodFriendlyWorld is extremely flexible and will fit into your campaign seamlessly.

Start a conversation

You can use it to start conversations with your followers and beneficiaries. Ask a question about a #PeriodFriendlyWorld and listen. "What is your vision of a #PeriodFriendlyWorld?" "Do you think you live in a #PeriodFriendlyWorld?" "Where do you still see challenges in moving towards a #PeriodFriendlyWorld?" Get curious and open a dialogue with others.

Talk about your work

The hashtag is also a great tool for talking about your work. Mention your contribution to a #PeriodFriendlyWorld. Like: "Our contribution to a #PeriodFriendlyWorld in 2024: educating 10,000 girls in India about menstruation." or "We donated 2 million products to those in need. Because this is what it would feel like to live in a #PeriodFriendlyWorld: not having to worry about access to period products."

Combine it wit the Bracelet

You can also combine it with the Menstruation Bracelet. Just include it in your statement. "I wear the Menstruation Bracelet because I want to live in a #PeriodFriendlyWorld." "With the Menstruation Bracelet we break the silence around menstruation. This way, we get one step closer to a #PeriodFriendlyWorld."

Localize it

Are you active in Kenya? Don’t talk about the entire world. Instead, talk about a #PeriodFriendlyKenya! Are you working towards change on a bigger scale? Adapt the hashtag to the continent level. For example, you can talk about #PeriodFriendlyAsia.

We cannot change the world at once. But we can make a change in our country. Local actions go a long way if there are many. And we are many. The hashtag can be localised to your country or your continent. This way, you can target your campaign directly to your audience.

The Menstruation Bracelet


#PeriodFriendlyWorld is a powerful hashtag. But please make sure to add #MHDay2024 as well. It is relevant to be considered in the data. Let's make the numbers add up.!

The Menstruation Bracelet
The global movement for a #PeriodFriendlyWorld

Take part in Menstrual Hygiene Day

Menstrual Hygiene Day is open to everyone. Because everyone, individual or organisation, can join the conversation. And has something to contribute. Join the movement and help create a world where women and girls are no longer held back because they menstruate.

Together, we are louder. Together we strive for a #PeriodFriendlyWorld.

Participate in MH Day

As an organisation

Whether you’re an NGO, a company or a government agency - ANY organisation can take part in MH Day. Explore smart ideas and great visuals that make joining the MH Day campaign super easy.

Participate in MH Day

As an individual

Each and every one of us can contribute to a #PeriodFriendlyWorld. Everything you need is ready and waiting. Just dive in and make your voice heard!

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MH Day Supporter

Supporters are the champions behind MH Day. They make MH Day possible by providing financial support and in-kind services. Become a driving force for change!

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Ambassador Network

Join the group of influencers and creators who lend their influence to the greater cause. Bust the stigma around menstruation and advocate for the MH Day movement.

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